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Our Archaeological and Historical Tour Leader: 

Michelle Walker BSc (Hons) MA M.Litt 

Michelle currently leads her own Archaeoacoustic research in a Bronze Age cave in Morayshire, click on link below for details of the research. Michelle’s Research has been published in Archaeoacoustics III: The Archaeology of Sound Conference Proceedings of the third International Multi-Disciplinary Conference 2018.

Michelle has also edited ‘A Dimensional Structure for Reality’ 2017 Author William J.E Brown.

Michelle has had many years excavating, travelling and touring experience in Scotland including major excavation projects in Orkney such as the 'Neolithic Temple' at the Ness of Brodgar . 

Michelle will also be worked in Special Finds and with the resident Geologist Dr Martha Johnson at the Ness of Brodgar. 

Michelle was born in Edinburgh and completed her BSc and MA in England and her M.Litt in Archaeological Studies in Orkney at the Institute of Archaeology in Kirkwall. 

Michelle is currently writing a book on: The Global Flood: An Objective Analysis of Archaeological, Textual, Ethnographical and Geographical Evidence.

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