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Crathes Castle is a 16th Century Castle and is home to the Worlds Oldest Calendar 8,000 BCE.

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The archaeological excavation that was undertaken in 2004 uncovered a Mesolithic Calendar in an adjoining field of Crathes Castle.  

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An opportunity to become a Gin Distiller, at Aberdeen Gin Distillery & Gin School. Make your own bottle of Gin with your own ingredients.

Day Tour 3: A Timeless Experience for Gin Lovers - Pick Up 10am - 5:30pm  (7.5 Hours)

Pick-up at 10am from Aberdeen City Portside or your desired location in Aberdeen City. You will spend the morning visiting Crathes Castle and learning about the excavations of a field at Crathes Castle where a series of 12 pits which appear to mimic the phases of the moon and track lunar months.


The pit alignment, at Warren Field, was first excavated in 2004.The Mesolithic "calendar" is thousands of years older than previous known formal time-measuring monuments created in Mesopotamia.


Following that you will enjoy lunch at Moonfish Restaurant established in 2004, moonfish cafe is located on the medieval streets of Aberdeens Merchant Quarter with views of the 12th Century Kirk of St Nicholas. the kitchens constantly changing innovative menu of modern British Cuisine consists of a focused menu for lunch. Honest food made with local and seasonal produce, with a beverage list to match and close attention paid to an extensive gin list. A Charming 13th Century Baronial Mansion offering locally sourced ingredients of the season.


After lunch Become a Distiller and create your own gin in this 3 hour experience. Following a short talk and a tour of the facilities, choose from over 100 botanicals and distil your perfect bottle of gin using a beautiful copper alembic mini-still.

The group is led by the head distiller who is on hand to help you select the ideal botanicals and quantities for your unique gin recipe.

Finally, decide the strength, bottle and cap it, and label your own full sized 70cl bottle of gin - you’ll need a name for it too!


Double Gin & Tonic on arrival, drinks throughout, a chance to sample our range of demi-johns and celebrate becoming a distiller with a surprise cocktail.


The tour will end with a stop at Aberdeen Whisky Shop where you can purchase whisky and a wide selection of other exquisite drinks, you will then be dropped off at your pick -up point and the tour ends.