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Glen Garioch Whisky Distillery is one of the oldest Distilleries in Scotland, it dates back to 1797.


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One of the best-preserved examples of a recumbent stone circle, and one of the few that still have their full complement of stones. The circle consists of a ring of nine stones, eight of which are grey granite and one red jasper.

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Inside Glen Garioch Distillery 

Two grey granite stones flank a recumbent of red granite flecked with crystals and lines of quartz.

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A Rare Pair at Glen Garish

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Dr Aaron Watson from Reading University recording the acoustics within the stone circle.

Day Tour 1: A Rare Pair 10am - 5.30pm (7.5 hours)


Pick-up at 10am from Aberdeen City Portside or your desired location in Aberdeen City. You will spend the morning visiting Easter Aquthorthies Recumbent Stone Circle and learning about the history of archaeoacoustics (sound within archaeological monuments and stone circles) of Scotland's best preserved example of a recumbent stone circle, one of a few that still has its full complement of stones.


Following that you will enjoy lunch at Meldrum House Hotel, a Charming 13th century baronial mansion offering locally sourced ingredients of the season.


After lunch you will get a lesson in Scotland's water of life at Glen Garioch Distillery where you will get a change to sample the perfect blend of whiskies and cheese. The balance of ripening fruit, heather honey and a base of barley malt spices and nuts, all interwoven with Glen Garioch’s signature creamy texture, brings out the flavours in cheese, making the union a sublime match. This tasting experience will include whiskies from the Glen Garioch portfolio paired alongside Scottish cheeses and chutneys.


The tour will end with a stop at Aberdeen Whisky Shop where you can purchase whisky and a wide selection of other exquisite drinks, you will then be dropped off at your pick -up point and the tour ends.